Sentiment Analysis Symposium 2015 (SAS15) program posted

The agenda for the 2015 Sentiment Analysis Symposium, July 15-16 in New York, has been posted. Visit

The symposium is a business focused conference that offers a mix of technical and applied presentations, panels, and workshops. Attendees are primarily technologists from industry, research, and academia.

Workshops include:

- A half-day Sentiment Analysis tutorial, taught by Prof. Bing Liu
- Natural Language Generation, presented by Dr. Robert Dale
- Cognitive Computing, presented by Sue Feldman, Synthexis
- Metrics and Measurement, presented by research leader Steve Rappaport
- Machine Learning for Natural Language Understanding (pending)

New this year: A half-day segment (within the workshop track) on Sentiment Analysis for Financial Markets, complementing the symposium's coverage of consumer, public, and social sentiment for market research, customer experience, healthcare, government, and other application areas.

Presentation coverage includes:

   * Industry analysts Dave Schubmehl from IDC and Anjali Lai from Forrester Research.

   * Agency representatives Francesco D'Orazio from Face, Brook Miller from MotiveQuest, and Karla Wachter, Waggener Edstrom.

   * Technical solution innovators including Bethany Bengtson from Bottlenose, Moritz Sudhof from Kanjoya, Dr. Karo Moilanen from TheySay, Dr. Brian Davis from The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Jennifer Sikos of Decisive Analytics Corporation, and CrowdFlower CEO Lukas Biewald.

   * Speakers on sentiment analysis in healthcare from the Advisory Board Company, Westat, and DSE Analytics.

   * A set of forward-looking talks on wearables, speech analytics, emotional response via facial recognition, and virtual assistants.

The program includes a set of lightning talks -- quick takes on technologies, solutions, and services -- and networking opportunities.

Visit the for the full program.

Register at Discounted Early registration runs until May 15; register by March 31 for an Extra $100 off. The symposium offers 50% government/academic discount and a special low rate for full-time students.

       Seth Grimes, symposium organizer

Seth Grimes   +1 301-270-0795    @sethgrimes
Alta Plana Corp, analytics strategy consulting,, July 15-16 2015, New York, NY

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