RE: workable IFC-RDF conversion?

Hi Vladmir,

We use an IFC renderer ( to convert IFC implicit geometry to explicit vertexes (B-REP) and then serialize it in WKT.
This approach has been inspired by Ruben de Laat and Chi Zang / Eindhoven University works ( ,
IfcOpenShell can also be used to extract geometry ( )
From our point of view RDF geometry Level Of Detail has to be adapted to use case needs : 2D WKT for floorplan based use cases, bounding box for LOD 100, 2.5D (WKT polygon + height) or 3D for higher LODs
We only use RDF for inference purposes and still prefer SVG or GLTF for 2D or 3D web rendering by using (eveBIM or IfcOpenSHell).

Hope that helps

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Objet : workable IFC-RDF conversion?

Hi everyone!
What do you use to convert IFC to RDF with workable geometries?
Representing geometries with individual triples (eg EXPRESS lists, as IfcOwl does) is imho not workable.

We've tried IFCtoLBD but there are various issues
- see for a diagram
- see for a list

Thanks in advance!

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