[Agenda] JSON-LD Teleconference 2018-12-07

Dear all,

Apologies (again...) for the late agenda sending! I've not yet done a good job of filling the void left by Rob's recent travel schedule, so please forgive your junior Co-Chair as he gets his solo flight wings figured out. ;-P We'll be working on getting the agenda out 24 hours before each meeting going forward.

Our next call is today, Friday December 7th, at 12 noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, 5pm UK, 6pm Europe.

WebEx and call-in information are available here:  https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Member/member-json-ld-wg/2018Jun/0000.html


* Scribe Selection

* Approve minutes of previous call:


* Announcements / Reminders

 * 2019 Spring Face-to-Face - February 7-8 (Thursday & Friday) in Washington, DC

 * Call schedule for the remainder of 2018

 * Other?

* Recent Changes/Merges

 * Remove the need for wrapping comment-open/comment-close text in data blocks


 * Text and tests for using HTML base for embedded JSON-LD


 * Clarify IRI compaction


* Pending PRs

 * Clarify that language map values of `@none` are strings


* Issues

 * Handling HTML character references in embedded JSON-LD


   opened recently; relates to recent merged PRs

 * Introduce concept of "sealed" contexts


   open; discussed at TPAC, but has had further discussion on GH

* Additional Issues (if time)

 * Allow @type for @none in Language Maps


   open; no comments (yet) on GH; first time discussing here

 * Can SRI be used in JSON-LD for which use cases?


  open; related to https://github.com/w3c/json-ld-syntax/issues/9 (content addressable contexts)

* AOB?

* Adjourn

NOTE: Next call is December 14th.

Thanks, and speak soon!


(junior...) Co-Chair, W3C JSON-LD WG

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