Joint meeting with Web of Things at TPAC

Hi all!

TPAC is just around the corner (starts next Monday, fyi)! If you haven't, please be sure to register:

The JSON-LD WG won't be having our own meetings (since it's in maintenance mode, and there's currently nothing pressing).

However, we will be meeting with the Web of Things WG to help them through some issues.

The joint meeting is on October 13th at 10am EDT. Michael (CC'd) will provide the details of the web conference once that's ready.

The JSON-LD related issues are listed at

However, it's unlikely we'll be able to address them all, so we'll take them in priority order with the group.

If possible, I'd love some RSVP's in response if you think you'll be able to make it.

If you are not able to attend, please take some time to look over the issue above (and related content), and provide your feedback to the WoT WG there.

Thank you for your time, and talk to you at TPAC!

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