[Agenda] JSON-LD Teleconference 2019-10-25

Dear all,

Our regular call is on Friday, which is not tomorrow, but is at the regular
time of 12 noon Eastern, 9am Pacific, etc.
The details are available here:

The agenda is very light, and we are likely to get through it quickly:

* Scribe Selection
* Approve minutes of previous call:

* Announcements / Reminders:
    * None?
* Issues
    * Need to register the profile URIs with IANA.
      (Assign Benjamin)
    * Otherwise ... None?
* AOB?
* Adjourn early :)

Regrets:  bigbluehat, gkellogg, ruben

Speak ... on Friday!

(Yes, I'm traveling tomorrow and Benjamin is out, so I'm getting this out
earlier than normal)

Rob Sanderson
Semantic Architect
The Getty Trust
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Received on Wednesday, 23 October 2019 23:13:15 UTC