New scribing feature for scribing

(You are my favourite test group:-)

I have added a new scribing model to the scribje script. The new approach is as follows.

 • First of all, we can also use scribe instead of scribenick. Both are valid and have the same effect.

 • The model is that, instead of having one active scribe, there is an active scribe “pool” for the call (elements of that pool are nicknames of participants who may act as scribes). There are three ways of setting/changing the pool:
  • scribe+ nick1, nick2, ... adds nicknames to the pool. If no nickname is provided, the nickname of the issuer is used, much like using present+.
  • scribe- nick1, nick2, ... removes nicknames to the pool; the no nickname case is handled like for scribe+
  • scribe= nick1, nick2, ... sets the content of the pool from scratch; the no nickname case is handled like for scribe+
 The current 'scribe:' (or 'scribenick:') is valid and is an alias to 'scribe+'.

 • Any scribe whose name is in the pool can scribe at any time, replacing one-another; those lines will all be considered as if the same and only one scribe had written the minutes
This change, while fully backward compatible with current practice, is very helpful when a temporary scribe replacement is needed because the original scribe wants to say something. Here is a typical example:

<pchampin> scribenick: pchampin
<pchampin> bigbluehat: says something great
<rubenworks> scribe+
<rubenworks> pchampin: says something specific, not related to scribing, 
<rubenworks> ... and it is now part of the minutes
<pchampin> ivan: says something else (pchampin taking over minuting without further ado)
<pchampin> ... minutes are continued
<rubenworks> ... can be continued by the other scribe...

The important point that it is no longer necessary to set <pchampin> scribenick: pchampin "back", and then again set it for Ruben, etc.

I hope this will work all right.


Ivan Herman, W3C 
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Received on Wednesday, 22 May 2019 10:26:44 UTC