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Apologies that I was unable to make the call. I am at the GlobalFact5
conference of fact checking organizations. Let me share a miniature trip
report instead.  Facebook have committed to publishing and consuming's fact check markup ("ClaimReview"). This is most likely to be
initially in JSON-LD (1.0) since most are using that. I would imagine it is
best to avoid confusing things by talking about 1.1 or 2.0 in these early
conversations. I was also at a Wikidata/Wikibase workshop last week where
we tried to create parallel schemas in Wikidata and in for
funding/projects/grants etc. It turns out that one of the biggest friction
points is that Wikidata internally have a PropertyGraphs-like model for
annotating graph edges, which is awkward to reflect out into simple-minded
RDF. Not saying JSON-LD needs to do this, just sharing a data point.



p.s. could I plead for the WG name in email Subject: lines for

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