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On 07/03/2018 06:08 PM, Robert Sanderson wrote:
> How did the 1.0 WG make scoping decisions, and was that process seen 
> as effective and fair?

The primary driver for scoping decisions in JSON-LD 1.0 was effectively:

* Is adding this feature going to enable a larger number of developers
  to benefit from Linked Data without having to learn anything about it?

I think people forget how dismissive or hostile some long-term RDF folks
were to the JSON-LD work at first... it was just one of the options on
the table for JSON serialization in the RDF 1.1 WG. So, it was a bit of
a scuffle in the early days followed by the RDF community wanting to
make it more RDF-y than some of us would have liked. There were
compromises made and in the end; we all created something that became
useful over time.

For those of you that want more background, here it is:

If there are any process lessons to be learned, those articles may
provide some insights.

> Thoughts? Further ideas for principles to discuss?

Overall, good principles (save for one, more on that below).

> * The underlying data model is RDF.
> If a feature comes up that can't be modeled with RDF as the 
> underlying abstract data model, then we refer the feature to a future
> RDF WG for potential inclusion at that time. Similarly, we should
> ensure that the features of RDF are expressed in JSON-LD, to ensure
> that data can be round-tripped with confidence through different
> serializations.

-1 ... JSON-LD as we know it now would have never happened if we had
waited for the RDF community to catch up. There is a more generic data
model in JSON-LD, and we have the flexibility to add to it if we want to
as long as we're not breaking backwards compatibility with JSON-LD 1.0

I'm not saying that we should do this without thinking deeply about the
feature. I'm merely stating that we don't want to box ourselves into a
corner that will prevent us from thinking creatively about solutions.

-- manu

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