JavaScript Library API

JS2DX is a JavaScript library programming API that aims to provide one 
standard for development of Web GUI pages. Its code is a structured set 
of key-value pairs and is independent of a specific JS Library 
implementation. The commands coded in JS2DX document are mapped by its 
interpreter to JS library API calls which when invoked in the 
browser’s JavaScript engine emulate the JS Library native commands. 
This approach eliminates the need to adapt new syntax whenever a JS 
Library implementation is changed. JS2DX code is fully compatible and 
may be supplemented with native JS Library syntax.

JS2DX advantages are demonstrated in speed of development, compactness 
of code and performance. It is currently integrated with DHTMLX while 
support for JQWidgets, MooTools and others is planned. Most of the 
effort involved in adding support for additional JS Libraries is in 
composing their corresponding command maps.

JS2DX will include a versatile graphing component that can plot images 
and play animations using pure JS/HTML.

JS2DX is functional in Beta mode and is used in a real-world commercial 
application. More information may be seen at

Received on Monday, 14 April 2014 13:01:17 UTC