Hi, I really join it?

Dear participants,

this is my first e-mail in this community group.

Today, I met and join the organization, because there must be many people
who want to improve JS. I hope exchange views with you, to build a better
and more standardized JS basic API.

I think that the biggest problem of JS: JS API is not completely
object-oriented design specifications, a large number of function-style
frameworks be created again and again. How repeatedly and stupidly we are!

Most people are still discuss modular design, like CommonJS, and the
object-oriented class specification does not be fully discussed by the JS

More and more frameworks built fully object-oriented design, but each team
has own write-style about JS class.

Completely object-oriented style is JS API's future?
Why JS community have not "JDK" like Java?
Do we need a object-oriented class specification?
I've been thinking about these problems long time.

Recently, I wrote the JCS document, trying to establish a more standardized
class system in JS framework, and I implements it in my project(JSDK).
Maybe you can take a look at this document.

JCS is Javascript Class Specification:

Feng Chun

Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2013 14:33:20 UTC