Updated Informations on the community group wiki

Dear participants,

I recently exposed many informations related to the objectives of this community group on its wiki.
This wiki list specification / API which might apply, totally or partially, to server contexts, and are then good candidates for cross client/server support.

Note that the provided informations are for sure incomplete, so you are all invited to have a look at it and help me to fill the gaps.

Listed specifications and APIs are for most of them managed by W3C working groups, still this list remain open to the work of other standard organizations like CommonJS, WHATWG, or Khronos.

Any person involved in one of those might help to complete the related page, and postulate as contact between this group and the related working group
Any person involved in a Server-Side JavaScript implementation can help me to complete the "support table" of the main page and the related pages

I've been for the moment de facto chair of this group. This group would in my opinion really need a Chair, or Co-Chair with better W3C experience.
I may stay Chair or move to Editor or maybe another role. My personal goal is first to see this initiative going live whoever maintain it in the end.
So please, feel free to propose yourself, or someone that might be interested, as candidate for a more active role in this group.

Roles can include:

- Chair, Co-Chair, Editor
- representative(s) of W3C Working groups
- representative of WHATWG
- representative(s) of Khronos
- representative(s) of CommonJS
- more direct representative of an API / specification
- representative of a Browser or mobile browser
- representative of a server platform
- representative of a third party implementation (polyfill, Framework, module, lib)

Kind regards,


Alexandre Morgaut
Wakanda Community Manager
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