Pre-agenda questions for ixml 26 April meeting

Hi Steven,

I don’t think you’ve had a chance to reply to any of the recent messages
on the mailing list. In preparation for tomorrow’s meeting, are you
content to agree that we have consensus on these issues?

* Changing ~ to !
* Using = and | exclusively
* A version declaration
* Using + for insertions
* Introducing error codes parenthetically (“Option 3”[1])

There was some discussion about the simple namespaces proposal in email
and in the issue[2] commments. Where do you think we stand on that and
do you have any suggestions about what features of the proposal are most
in need of further discussion?

Assuming you’ve addressed issues #25 and #26, and accepting consensus on
all of the issues above, I think the simple namespaces proposal would be
the only remaining technical change proposal to resolve.

                                        Be seeing you,


Norm Tovey-Walsh

Received on Monday, 25 April 2022 06:47:15 UTC