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On 23/04/2022 10:41, Tomos Hillman wrote:
> Not a necessity IMO, but an improvement to readability to use '|', and 
> familiar to users of RNG/DTDs.  I prefer ':=` to either character on 
> its own, to be honest, but I know that there is an appetite for single 
> character syntax 'furniture'.

An interesting point on single-character furniture. In my own work on a 
Javascript + SaxonJS in-browser implementation (nearly there - already 
getting ixml.ixml processed by itself in subsecond time - report 
soon...) it became apparent that the changes in operator for 
repeat-with-separator ('**', '++') were the *only* terminals in the ixml 
definition that required recognition of a multi-character quoted 
literal. This gave me a minor amount of grief before I expanded them 
into an indirected sequence of single character quoted literals...

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