Invisible XML Summary of open issues 2022-04-18

Hello folks,

Here’s a current issue summary.

Note: this list reflects the issues filtered with “Milestone” set to
“Version 1.0”. I’m intentionally ignoring issues and proposals raised
for “v.Next”.

* Issues relating to the specification

** Open PRs awaiting review

+ Draft of errors with inline markup:

** Open issues awaiting action from Steven

+ How is ambiguity defined? What obligations to processors have in cases of ambiguity?
    + [[]]
+ Should the ixml spec distinguish between static and dynamic grammar errors?

** Open issues awaiting action from Norm

Note: both of these actions would be completed by selecting any one of
the open “error markup” PRs.

+ Proposal to add error codes to the specification
+ If the errors proposal is accepted, add a note about an errors namespace

** New issues not yet assigned actions

Each of these issues, in fact, comes with a concrete proposal that we could adopt.

+ Simple Namespaces Proposal
+ Optional version declaration?
+ Change the insertion mark from ^ to something else

* Issues relating to the test suite

** Open issues awaiting action from Michael

+ Fix the expected result of expr1 testsuite

* Other issues

+ A sample grammar for ISO 8601

                                        Be seeing you,

Norm Tovey-Walsh

Received on Monday, 18 April 2022 09:05:38 UTC