schemas for ixml (action 20220322-005)

Three weeks ago I took an action to provide schemas for ixml grammars.

I have now checked in the RNG and RNC schemas I created from the grammar
of 25 January 2022, as an initial step towards discharging that action.

The RNG schema was generated from the ixml.xml grammar, using the
ixml-to-rng stylesheet in the Gingersnap repo (a collection of XSLT
stylesheets for working with ixml grammars), and then hand-edited.  The
stylesheet is new and may not work on other grammars, and it does not do
very well when things get down to the character level.  I have some
hopes of improving that, some fine day.

The schemas are written to follow the ixml grammar very closely, to make
it easier for readers to persuade themselves that they capture the
structural rules implicit in the grammar.  (It also allows the
ixml-to-rng translator to be simpler and less clever.)  Nonterminals are
represented by patterns of the same name, and the marks '^', '@', and
'-' are represented by patterns with 'e.', 'a.', or 'h.' before the
nonterminal name.  

I see that the grammar currently in the repo is dated 29 March, so these
schemas are already out of date.  I'll take an action to update them.


C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
Black Mesa Technologies LLC

Received on Tuesday, 12 April 2022 02:36:32 UTC