Re: Adding implicit string values

On Thursday 15 April 2021 12:02:12 (+02:00), Tom Hillman wrote:

There may be technical barriers that make it impractical, but I feel we 
ought at least to aim to ensure that ixml is capable of expressing these 
relationships for any XML document and an equivalent non-XML representation 
- and vice versa.
These are new, and rather strong requirements. We should be very careful of 
just accepting these without careful consideration.

   Clearly there must be a limits on what we can define as 'equivalent' - 
for instance, I don't think that re-ordering of data in either 
representation should be in scope (with the possible exception of some 
attribute data).  But fundamental XML features like namespaces are, I feel, 
a reasonable expectation.

Implicit values like this might be more of a stretch, but it seems 
desirable to me that a non-XML markup document like:


should be interpreted with corresponding grammars to either of the 
following representations using iXML:

<html:span class="emphasis">this</html:span>
But now you are targeting specific XML document types, which was not in the 
requirements of ixml. 


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