Re: more examples of namespaces needed in output (was: Re: call a week from today, right?)

On Mon, 2021-04-12 at 19:53 -0600, C. M. Sperberg-McQueen wrote:
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> I wonder whether namespace support is a potential use case for some
> kind of generic annotation syntax that will be processed by
> processors that understand the annotations and ignored by others. 

A markdown grammar to XHTML was mentioned;

xhtml:title ⇒ "###", -space, -text

which, given the input
### socks in the desert: a poem
might be intended to produce,
   <xhtml:title>socks in the desert: a porm</xhtml:title>

A more extreme example might be converting turtle/n3  to rdf/xml,
although i don't see why ixml should be expected to do that. Or,
converting EQN input to MathML.

But again, i view ixml as something used to enable  further processing
- just as  Steven's motivating text has described it -  so that as long
as you can use XSLT or XQuery on the result  i'm happy.


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