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Re: Some additional comments on 4395bis

From: Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter@stpeter.im>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2011 15:06:04 -0600
Message-ID: <4E56B93C.30705@stpeter.im>
To: Mykyta Yevstifeyev <evnikita2@gmail.com>
CC: "public-iri@w3.org" <public-iri@w3.org>
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On 8/21/11 4:23 AM, Mykyta Yevstifeyev wrote:
> Hello again,
> As IRI WG is still working on 4395bis, I'd like we considered the
> following two issues:
> - URI/IRI schemes de-assignment.  The issue was raised by Frank
> Ellermann on uri-review list recently [1]; it is that particular
> provisionally-registered schemes can be de-assigned by their
> registrants.  RFC 4395 says nothing about this; so I suppose 4395bis
> will have something to say.  (BTW, this feature may be useful for 'afs'
> URI scheme, which has "hung" in the undefined state from 1994, time of
> publication of RFC 1738).

Doesn't that apply to all provisional registrations, not only to
provisional URI scheme registrations?

> -Exact format of IANA registry.  This is as required by RFC 5226 and
> what has yet been undefined.  Taking into account IANA's effort to
> transform all the registries into XML, the explicit description is
> desired.  Current HTML registry [2] has 3 columns: Scheme name,
> Description, and Reference, whereas the authors aren't obliged to fill
> in or mention the values of the second column; IANA is thus responsible
> for writing something there.  For some schemes, eg. 'view-source',
> 'pack' et al., this is quite problematic; therefore, my proposal: in the
> IANA considerations section of 4395bis include the description of the
> registry, skipping the "Description" column itself.

I would prefer to say that the registrant needs to provide the
description. What you suggest sounds like we are asking IANA to remove
that column from the existing registry.


Peter Saint-Andre
Received on Thursday, 25 August 2011 21:06:32 UTC

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