Re: Advice on making IRI document suitable for reference by HTML (and other specs)

On Jan 5, 2010, at 11:55 AM, Chris Weber wrote:

> I'd be happy to perform some testing on the "widget" URI's.  It would be helpful if you could describe (offline perhaps) some of the general test cases or goals you had in mind.
> As far as what other places might browsers output IRI's, I would like to do some testing of HTTP request headers.  In some past testing I noticed that response headers can emit pure IRI's from the server-side.  

It is possible for ASP-based sites or nph-style CGI scripts to
do all sorts of nasty things.  However, they are just bugs and
should be treated as such.

> Other than the address bar and status bar, there would be dialog boxes such as File Download dialogs, and dialogs from plugins such as Flash and Silverlight. Also, bookmark lists, history and favorites have been interesting places to get IRI's recorded and displayed.

It would be nice if we had a list of all the places that
identifiers are input or stored in a common browser, though
most of these are implementation-specific (it really does not
matter for interoperability how a browser stores identifiers
for its bookmark list, so we should not restrict legitimate
experiments in implementation efficiency).


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