Re: ftp URI scheme is where?

(2010/01/03 2:11), Larry Masinter wrote:
> was intended to update the "ftp" URI scheme registration.
> I don't remember exactly, but what I vaguely remember was
> that it was held up because the text *didn't* match
> common implementations.

I see, thank you for info.
I'll read it.

> Getting some attention paid to updating it would be
> helpful. Volunteers?

It is interesting.
I'm investigating "ftp" URI scheme to fix Ruby's uri/ftp lib.
I think, RFCs which didn't match common implementations
should be updated and match implementations.
(as cookie/http-state and its current work)

Anyway I'll feedback findings through it.


NARUSE, Yui  <>

Received on Saturday, 2 January 2010 18:49:51 UTC