(rough) notes from IRI meetings 10/13/2009

These are notes from two meetings on 10/13/2009 on the
progression of IRI documents and a possible IETF working
group on same. I wanted to get these notes out quickly,
apologies in advance for errors.

On Monday, 10/13/2009 there were two meetings
* preparation for IETF IRI BOF
* Meeting to talk in detail about IRI specification progress

Attached are notes from these meetings:
Preparation of IRI BOF at IETF 76 in Hiroshima
Attendees: Alexey Melnikov, Ted Hardie, Pete Resnick,
           Larry Masinter, Martin Dürst
(Phone conference 10-11am pst; original notes by Martin Dürst
 edited by Masinter)

We reviewed the draft IRI working group charter (now being updated at
http://trac.tools.ietf.org/area/app/trac/wiki/DraftIriCharter )

- We agreed to explicitly exclude any updates to RFC 3986 (URI, Standard)
  at this time. If the WG thinks some are needed, this will need a 
  charter update.
- We discussed updates to RFC 4395 (URI scheme registration guidelines)
  and proposed updating it as necessary by reissuing it with, not updating 
  through a separate document.
- We discussed briefly the handling of registered names (see later meeting
  notes below). The treatment of registered names is difficult, needs
  more consideration.
- We went through the possible split of the IRI document as mentioned
  in the draft document (see later meeting notes below.)
- BOF chairs are Ted and Pete, but need to work on chairs for the WG.
  Possibly two co-chairs, one from IETF/EMail and familiar with IETF
  process, one from HTML5/WhatWG/W3C. If we can find somebody from HTML5 
  who is "a good herder of those cats", that would be helpful.
- A brief summary of 'goals' wiki page:

  should be included in the charter itself.
- Have to be careful with submission deadlines for IETF meeting in
  Hiroshima, Oct. 19 for initial drafts, 26 for resubmissions

We also discussed the BOF Agenda

- Move discussion of other drafts and committees after charter
- Should have short summary documents or wiki pages for e.g. IRI
   history, open issues, so that BOF can concentrate on discussion
- Add five minutes at start for Agenda bashing
- Include some short time explicitly on mailto
- Need to think about how to address EAI needs for mailto (or new
- mailto also needs coordination with HTML5 (has description of how
   to construct mailto IRI/URI
- It was noted that there may also be a meeting / lunch / dinner
  the week of November 2, during W3C TPAC meeting in Santa Clara,
  to assess interest in working on the specification among those
  W3C or bay area participants who cannot make the IETF meeting
  the following week.
- The public-iri@w3.org mailing list should have the standard
  IETF "Note Well" IPR disclaimer.

Work on IRI documents
Meeting at Google 1:30-5 pm pst
Attendees: Larry Masinter, Martin Dürst, Erik van der Poel, 
           Ian Hickson, Mark Davis

(Alas the notes are thin)

Mark Davis covered in some depth some of the IDNA 2003 and IDNA 2008
compatibility issues, documented in a report he is developing:

We went through the IRI document reviewing edits Larry was
proposing, and the split of the document into
  * Handling of domain names and registered names
  * parsing, syntax, error handling
  * BCP on internationalization considerations

Deadline for getting documents out with this split is next
Monday (October 19) for internet drafts. 

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