FW: New Version Notification for draft-duerst-iri-bis-06

This version attempts to integrate the "web address"
concept (called Hypertext Reference or HREF) into the
main IRI specification.  The text has gone through sufficient
transformations that I don't have confidence in its
accuracy, but at least it indicates to me that the
many specs are mergable.

I wound up making relatively minor changes to the 
introductory text as well.

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A new version of I-D, draft-duerst-iri-bis-06.txt has been successfuly submitted by Larry Masinter and posted to the IETF repository.

Filename:  draft-duerst-iri-bis
Revision:  06
Title:   Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs)
Creation_date:  2009-07-12
WG ID:   Independent Submission
Number_of_pages: 53

This document defines a new protocol element, the Internationalized
Resource Identifier (IRI), as an extension of the Uniform Resource
Identifier (URI).  An IRI is a sequence of characters from the
Universal Character Set (Unicode/ISO 10646).  A mapping from IRIs to
URIs is defined, which provides a means for IRIs to be used instead
of URIs, where appropriate, to identify resources.

To accomodate widespread current practice, additional derivative
protocol elements are defined, and current practice for resolving
IRI-based hypertext references in HTML are outlined.

The approach of defining new protocol elements, rather than updating
or extending the definition of URI, was chosen to allow independent
orderly transitions as appropriate: other protocols and languages
that use URIs and their processing may explicitly choose to allow
IRIs or derivative forms.

Guidelines are provided for the use and deployment of IRIs and
related protocol elements when revising protocols, formats, and
software components that currently deal only with URIs.

[RFC Editor: Please remove this paragraph before publication.]  This
is a draft to update RFC 3987 and move towards IETF Draft Standard.
For an issues list/change log and additional information (including
mailing list information), please see
http://www.w3.org/International/iri-edit.  For discussion and
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