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Re: Last Call comments on IRI - 3.1 Mapping of IRIs to URIs

From: by way of Martin Duerst <chris@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 10:23:41 +0900
Message-Id: <>
To: public-iri@w3.org

On Thursday, September 16, 2004, 8:11:41 AM, Martin wrote:

MD> Hello Chris,

MD> I haven't heard from you on which way you would prefer to address
MD> the issue you brought up.

Sorry, I was in Japan for a couple of weeks (but you were not!) and it
was in my back mail.

MD>  I have decided to address it by adding
MD> "(see Section 5.3 for details)", so that Variant C) now reads:

MD> Variant C) If the IRI is in an Unicode-based character encoding
MD>     (for example UTF-8 or UTF-16): Do not normalize (see Section
MD>     5.3 for details).  Apply Step 2 directly to the encoded Unicode
MD>     character sequence.

That wording is great and deals with the issue I raised very well. Its
much clearer now.

MD> I'm moving this issue to 'tentatively closed', and plan to move
MD> it to 'closed' very soon.

I am happy with that decision.

Incidentally I did read the entire specification once more, and this was
the only issue that I found with it. In general I am very pleased with
the IRI specification, it meets a real need and I am happy to see it

MD>  If you don't agree with how I have
MD> addressed the issue, please reply asap, with actual text.

MD> Regards,    Martin.

MD> At 14:50 04/08/18 +0900, Martin Duerst wrote:

 >>Hello Chris,
 >>Many thanks for your comment. I have made it issue why-not-normalize-42
 >>(see http://www.w3.org/International/iri-edit#why-not-normalize-42).
 >>A few ideas on how to deal with it below.
 >>At 22:22 04/08/11 +0200, Chris Lilley wrote:
 >>>Hello ,
 >>> > If the IRI is in an Unicode-based character encoding (for example
 >>> > UTF-8 or UTF-16): Do not normalize. Apply Step 2 directly to the
 >>> > encoded Unicode character sequence.
 >>>I believe that I understand why this step says 'do not normalize'
 >>>(otherwise, certain Unicode strings couldnever be used in query parts,
 >>>for example).
 >>>However, as the two preceding steps say 'normalize' and this step says
 >>>'do not normalize' the reader could be confused - or perhaps consider it
 >>>an 'obvious error'.
 >>>Do not tease the reader like this. Please explain *why* at this stage no
 >>>normalization is performed.
 >>You definitely have a point. But as you have noticed, the explanations
 >>are already given elsewhere in the document. I think there are several
 >>things that can be done:
 >>- capitalize 'NOT', to make clear that this is not an 'obvious error'.
 >>- add a pointer to 5.3 Normalization
 >>- do both of the above
 >>Which one do you prefer? Do you think this is enough, or do you have
 >>some other idea (actual wording preferred)?
 >>Regards,    Martin.

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