Usage Scenarios draft announcement

This is a draft for an announcement of our Usage Scenarios draft.
This should probably go to the following lists:

- chairs
- www-international
- unicode/unicore
- SC22/WG20

any others?

Dear ....

The Web Service Task Force of the W3C Internationalization Working Group
is glad to announce the publication of a new, thoroughly revised Working
Draft entitled "Web Services Internationalization Usage Scenarios", at

This Working Draft is close to finalization and publication as a Note,
and this is therefore the best time to review the document and send us
comments and suggestions as quickly as possible.

Together with "Requirements for the Internationalization of Web Services"
(at, this will serve as input to the
rechartering of the Internationalization Working Group this summer.

With kind regards,    ....

Received on Thursday, 20 May 2004 04:05:45 UTC