draft-duerst-iri-09.txt grammar problem

The document at
in section 3.1, says:

    2.3) Replace the original character by the resulting character
         sequence (i.e.  a sequence of %HH triplets).

That "replace ... by " should be "replace ... with."

("By" fits only when the verb in is the passive voice, as in "A is
replaced by B" (meaning B replaces A (_with_ itself)).  Since the
imperative verb specifies that the reader replace A with B, "with"
must be used.

Alternatively, notice that:
- B can replace A,
- A can be replaced _by_ B, and
- One can replace A _with_ B,
- but one can't "replace A by B"

(Oh--also, the "i.e." should be followed by a comma.)


Received on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 18:50:25 UTC