Re: what do folk think of the DMA's FRAND language?

Super helpful, thanks. For the context of social that makes sense - a
"business user" is a business with a page conducting business, and they
should be handled on FRAND terms. I'm not immediately sure of what a
"business user" of search is in that context, maybe businesses purchasing
ads. Anyway, my bubble of imagining that this could be stretched into an
interoperability mandate is sufficiently popped (which is what I needed!).


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> Il 11/05/2022 18:17 Chris Riley <> ha scritto:
> Trying this query again now that we have the final text:
> I'm really interested in what folk think "general conditions of access" on
> FRAND terms means, in practice.
> I'm not an expert on that specific part, but I would expect it to be more
> about contractual conditions than about technical arrangements such as APIs
> etc. Basically, the idea is that Apple, Google and Facebook should not be
> able to exploit their market position to impose unbalanced contractual
> conditions onto app developers, businesses promoting themselves via search,
> sellers using social media marketplaces etc. This is a general concern in
> the European industry - for example, publishers have always complained
> about Facebook's ability to unilaterally erase the traffic they get from
> the platform under whatever T&Cs Facebook decide to apply.
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