Re: First Meeting: 15 December 20:00 UTC

On 12/9/21 3:07 PM, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> My focus is on avoiding distractions and making our work efficient. With that in mind, let's try this.
> If one or more people can provide an alternative that is:
>    - free to use and not proprietary (for some definition)
>    - does not require lots of configuration / fiddling
>    - multi-platform (minimum of OSX, Windows and Linux)
 >    - is reasonably performant for 15+ participants

Agreed. Note that "free to use" is not "free software" nor "open 
technologies". Someone still has to pay for it.

>    - provides video and audio for all participants

Why is video necessary? Especially if you expect people joining by 
telephone, I don't see why this is a valid criterion.

> we'll use that. However, we'll leave the Zoom reservation intact, so that if we have problems we can fall back to that.

Some of us then won't be able to participate, and it appears that it is 
not for purity reasons (ask Audre Lorde) but for technical and ethical 
reasons. I would not be surprised that these very people share ethical 
concerns that would then not be heard in the group, which would 
considerably impair the group's credibility.

> Any volunteers?

As I mentioned before I can provide a Mumble instance, if the BBB 
instance that may be provided graciously by the Social CG would not be 
available by the time of the meeting. I'm ready to boost the hardware 
configuration to ensure it scales up to an adequate number of participants.



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