Re: First Meeting: 15 December 20:00 UTC

I'd only want to ask: will that be a telecon or a video call?


czw., 9 gru 2021 o 13:24 Mark Nottingham <> napisaƂ(a):

> On 9 Dec 2021, at 10:35 pm, hellekin <> wrote:
> >
> > On 12/9/21 10:45 AM, Mark Nottingham wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >> You're free to dial into the teleconference without using Zoom -- see
> the attached numbers.
> >
> > You must be kidding me. How did you do before Zoom existed? What changed?
> No, I'm not kidding. Before Zoom, it was WebEx, and before that my
> employer usually provided another effectively proprietary, telephone-based
> platform for conferencing. I also went to meeting rooms and sat across
> tables from people, but for some reason haven't done that in quite a
> while...
> Other possibilities:
> - Signal: Also proprietary
> - Telegram: Also proprietary
> - Slack: Also proprietary
> - Facebook Messenger: Even I have limits.
> - WebRTC: still riddled with interoperability and usability issues,
> especially with many people and high latency. Also requires a site to host
> it, which is either proprietary or a maintenance burden.
> We could take a poll and try to come to consensus on what tools are least
> offensive to everyone. I really hope to avoid that, because I have a sense
> of urgency about our work, and getting bogged down in administrative
> disputes is not a great way to start.
> This group has a *chance* to be effective if it focuses on its output; it
> has zero chance of making a difference by refusing to use tools based upon
> a purity test (I guarantee you, Zoom will not notice if we don't use it),
> and spending our time arguing about this wastes the slim opportunity we
> have to push towards a world without proprietary technology having a
> chokehold over communication.
> There's also a certain elegance in using the tools now to work against
> their masters' longer term interests.
> So -
> 1) hellekin, can you dial into one of the numbers provided? I believe I
> can generate an invite with local numbers in most any country if necessary.
> 2) does anyone else have an issue with using Zoom?
> Cheers,
> --
> Mark Nottingham

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