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> Il 06/12/2021 08:29 Mark Nottingham <> ha scritto:
> The charter calls out two different kinds of activities that this group might pursue (each likely leading to a Report):
> 1) Where we proactively want to recommend* specifications or technologies as a remedy in a defined situation (e.g., social networking, chat, etc.), highlighting any gaps
> 2) Where we want to react to a such a proposal made elsewhere (e.g., when a competition regulator or other national body selects something)

One thing to clarify is whether the approach is:

- we want to identify online services (within W3C's purview) where we think that too much market concentration and too many "walled gardens" exist, and then suggest possible technical and policy solutions for that, or

- we wait for someone else (e.g. regulators) to say "hey, we think that there's the need for more interoperability in that class of services", and then we say "ok, if you want to do something, here's a good technical solution for that".
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