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[image: invited] Join us! At the Interledger Workshop and Hackathon

Ripple, Everis Innolab and BigchainDB are delighted to co-host this year's
Interledger Community Workshop at the Blockchain Expo's annual European
Meeting and Hackathon in Berlin.

Please join us to learn more about the Interledger Protocol, conduct
experiments, and build new projects using the latest ILP components.

Day 1: Thursday, June 1st
Hackathon Prep

Day 2: Friday, June 2nd

Chief Technology Officer at Ripple, Stefan Thomas, will be speaking on 6/1
at 2:30pm, as part of the Blockchain Expo, presenting Interledger's case
study: the network of networks.

More details to follow. Register
today to secure your spot!

Hosted by:
[image: bigchaindb] [image: bigchaindb] [image: everis]


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