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Re: newcomer "random" doubts about ILP

From: Lucas Huber <lh@codoo.io>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2016 11:56:01 +0200
To: "Romero, Javier (ISBANUK)" <Javier.RomeroColomo@isbanuk.com>,Enrique Arizon Benito <enrique.arizon.benito@everis.com>
CC: "public-interledger@w3.org" <public-interledger@w3.org>
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Enrique I think you can reduce a lot of your doubts, if you limit the usecase for an implementation to a ledger to ledger communication. If you start to look at ILP for wallets/clients and apps I would express similar doubts as you have.

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Am 23. Juli 2016 10:23:35 MESZ, schrieb "Romero, Javier (ISBANUK)" <Javier.RomeroColomo@isbanuk.com>:
>You are always going to need some sort of plugin to 'connect' legacy
>systems to the 'protocol'.
>These could be JSON/RPC as far as ILP is concern but could communicate
>as you like internally.
>I think, correct me guys if I am wrong, what's important here is the
>protocol itself.
>There are a few proposed demo's and reference implementations as a
>starting point but each developer would have to adapt them to their
>needs as long as the protocol is respected.
>> On 22 Jul 2016, at 21:40, Enrique Arizon Benito
><enrique.arizon.benito@everis.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm new to Interledger. I just got a first look at the RFC and the
>five-bells demo.
>> Some doubts arise after reading the docs. I post then next. Fell free
>to answer if you consider it worth the effort, ignore them or request
>for more details.
>> Some previous context:
>>  - I'm interested in the possibility to create an interface
>connecting existing ledger systems ("banks") with any other
>ledger/payment system/blockchain technology that accepts the ILP
>> In practice that means implementing a set of JAVA
>APIs/libraries/servers to "automate" the integration bank <-> ILP
>connector, front-end <-> bank, ...
>>  - For development/testing purposes I was thinking to develop a
>keep-it-simple-and-stupid in-memory ledger/database
>>  and implement around it the different interfaces to interact with
>the ledger client ("wallet") and the ILP connector.
>> My doubts come next:
>>  - Ussually the ledger (bank) o payment network (paypal,
>crypto-currency bloc-chain, ...) already has one or more UI front-ends
>(HTML5, Mobile App, telephone channel, bitcoin-wallet, ... ).
>>    For example in the case of a "normal" bank it could be a MVC
>architecture, with an already established communication protocol/s
>(XML, JSON, RMI, REST, SOAP...)  and an intermediate application server
>(JEE, ...) with users connecting through their web browsers/mobile
>>    Let's suppose now that we want to add to my already existing apps
>the functionality  for a ILP compliant wallet:
>>    DOUBT: By reading the available docs/RFC, looks to me that the use
>of the JSON+REST protocols are enforced by the ILP/SPSP/ITP/..
>>       Reuse of any existing transport/communication protocol/s,
>between client and servers is not contemplated.
>>  - Suppose a bank already offers an mobile app for final users to
>simplify payments to other internal/external bank accounts. Now I would
>like to reuse such app to allow final users to pay to external payment
>networks like Paypal, Ripple, Bitcoin, ...(supposing such networks
>already offer ILP connector support).
>>    The user interface will offer the option to pay to:
>>        - Internal bank account
>>        - External bank account
>>        - ILP URI account (receiver)
>>        - ...
>>    DOUBT: Does this use-case makes sense within the current ILP
>>  - As I understand it, the SPSP protocol is used to fetch the
>previous INPUT (payment details, crypto-conditions, ILP connector path)
>to the ILP protocol, but is not part of the ILP protocol itself.
>>    DOUBT: The server used to process the client/wallet SPSP requests
>(Discovery, Query, Quoting, Setup) can be isolated from the ledger?
>>    Looks to me that only the information in the Setup stage must
>"arrive" to the ledger.
>>  DOUBT: Is there any error handling predefined strategy?
>>         for example, all messages from the ledger to the connector
>must check first if  the response contains payload or exception.
>>  DOUBT: Does/will the protocol define a set of predefined exceptions
>from server to server in case of connector internal error ?
>>  I observed that many work has already been done in the five-ledger
>demo to test the correct behavior. (five-bells-*/test/*).
>>  I'm wondering what will be the easier path to start implementing the
>five-bells-ledger equivalent in java
>>  DOUBT: Can the five-bells-wallet/five-bells-connector and related
>tests be reused while developing a new java-testing-ledger or would it
>be any technical issues?
>> Best Regards,
>> Enrique Arizón Benito
>> Tel: +34 976 482 080, ext 117064
>> http://www.everis.com
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