Cyberspace, Webspace, and Architectural Design...

Dear public-informationarchitecture
& public-webdesign,

When we think about "cyberspace", "webspace" and also "real space", of
communications networks, of information networks, of societies, and about
engineering the Internet Web architecturally, this quotation concerning
with "design" may be inspiring:

Navigating strategically across multiple planes requires practitioners to
sense and discern connections and patterns in what is taking place, to try
to understand the underlying dynamics and interdependencies between
elements, to appreciate the diverse possibilities of what is happening and
what might happen, and to respond by designing actions which align with the
intentions and values of the agreed longer-term strategic trajectory (Hames
2007a, p. 114), but which are contextually appropriate, not copy/pastes of
other, previous or “best” practices (Hillier 2011, p. 508).

(being cited from J. Hillier's "Strategic Navigation: a Multiplanar
Methodology for Strategic Spatial Planning",, 2015)

Guntur Wiseno Putra

Received on Friday, 3 January 2020 15:06:09 UTC