CfC to Publish Events Module Stabilization Draft


This is our formal Call for Consensus to publish an updated Working
Draft--a stabilization draft--of our Events Module specification. This
CFC will close at close of business Boston Time on Friday 19 July.

You will recall that we have previously agreed during our regular
teleconferences to publish this draft once our Editor has indicated
completion of certain of his action items. We last confirmed this
intention during our teleconference on Wednesday 10 July where we also
agreed that this CFC would be conducted fully in email and would not
require further approval  in a forthcoming teleconference.

The draft we propose to publish as our updated Working Draft, pending
masthead and status updates and subject to possible editorial
corrections (spelling, punctuation, etc.), is available at:

According to agreed Task Force procedure this CFC is now open for
objection, comment, as well as statements of support via email. Silence
will be interpreted as ascent, though messages of support are certainly

If you have objections to publication, or comments on the proposed
updated Working Draft document (or to this resolution), please respond
by replying on list to this message no later than close of business
Boston Time, on Friday, 19 July. If no objections are received by this
deadline, this resolution will be confirmed as a  consensus resolution
of the Task Force and publication of our updated Events Module Working
Draft document will proceed.

James Craig writes:
> Janina, Michael, et al.
> I was able to complete a several remaining actions this week, including all I was hoping to complete except ACTION-56. I don't have a good solution for that one right now, so I believe the editor's draft is ready for 2nd-round publishing pending group approval. Once the new working draft is live, it'd be a good time to start coordination with Web Apps WG regarding the additional event properties (event.receiver, etc.) as part of ISSUE-5.
> Thanks,
> James


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