Github Issues for TPAC that need comments before the event itself.


These are two issues that could really do with some feedback over the next few days to really help the discussion at TPAC itself. 


People from Meta's ARVR accessibility team can do a presentation on how we're thinking about providing support for people with disabilities.
It would be helpful to have a list of topics that people want to get more information on.

Deprecating and removing any shipped Web APIs is always a delicate issue, but removing functionality that is no longer relevant and doesn't see widespread use is also be important for the long term health of the API and the web platform. TPAC would be an excellent time to re-evaluate the API, now that we have the hindsight of being shipped for several years across multiple devices. It may be that some features are no longer relevant in the current ecosystem, conflict with newer functionality we want to expose, or simply haven't seen the type of use that we hoped, and should be considered for deprecation.

If you know of any features that may be candidates for deprecation, please note them here. The bar for deprecation of any feature is going to be fairly high, and if we earmark anything for removal then actually pulling it out of existing implementations will be a slow and steady process to give developers time to react properly. Bringing up a feature here will not automatically mark it for deprecation but instead indicate that it's worth looking into further.

I'll float the idea of deprecating inline sessions, though I happen to personally like them. They do add some complexity to API implementations, though, and don't seem to be used by any major library integrations.

Please think about any topics you would like to see discussed at TPAC and raise an issue on GitHub with a comment that includes ‘/tpac/ at the start of a line 

If there are issues you would like to see raised please leave a comment on any Immersive Web issue that begins ‘/tpac reason to see it discussed’.

Thank you so much, here is a reminder about TPAC details:

11–15 September, Seville, Spain & online
If you want to attend remote only you still need to register and it has a reduced fee.

I hope to see you there in person or online,


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