Immersive Web short notice meeting invite for informal Model discussion today,

Hi Everyone,

I am really sorry for the short notice, this meeting was set up last week
whilst I was on vacation and I was AFK and missed emailing it out.

It's a short meeting outside of the usual time slot to have an informal
chat about the model element to move some things along and hopefully
generate some discussion topics for TPAC.

San Francisco (U.S.A. - California)  Monday, August 14 at 3:00 PM PDT
Boston (U.S.A. - Massachusetts)  Monday, August 14 at 6:00 PM EDT
London (United Kingdom - England)  Monday, 14 August at 23:00 BST
Paris (France)  Tuesday, 15 August at 00:00 CEST
Tokyo (Japan)  Tuesday, 15 August at 07:00 GMT+9
Corresponding UTC (GMT)  Monday, 14 August at 22:00 UTC

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Enter the Meeting ID: 24956014414

Thank you and apologies again for the very short notice,


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