Next meeting changing date to the 15th of August

Hi Everyone,

It's been pointed out to me that the next scheduled meeting overlaps with
the first day of the SIGGRAPH Exhibition so the next meeting will be pushed
back one week.

The main topic will be TPAC organising but if there are other things you
want discussed in that meeting then please tag your issues on GitHub as

If you want to mark topics to be discussed at TPAC you can tag them with
'/tpac [any extra detail for the agenda]'

Thank you,


Call Agenda

This agenda can be viewed and updated on Github

If you would like to add an item to the agenda or volunteer to scribe
please open a pull request against this agenda.

   - TPAC Topic brainstorming and agenda wrangling
   - Other agenda items TBC

Web Working Group Teleconference - 2023-08-15
San Francisco (U.S.A. - California)  Tuesday, August 15 at 12:00 PM PDT
Boston (U.S.A. - Massachusetts)  Tuesday, August 15 at 3:00 PM EDT
London (United Kingdom - England)  Tuesday, 15 August at 20:00 BST
Paris (France)  Tuesday, 15 August at 21:00 CEST
Tokyo (Japan)  Wednesday, 16 August at 04:00 GMT+9
Corresponding UTC (GMT)  Tuesday, 15 August at 19:00 UTC

Chair: Ada Rose Cannon


IRC: #immersive-web Instructions

Call Details can be found on the Internal Mailing List

If you are unable to login to view the call details please ask on the IRC
before the call.

For assistance go to and on the left
navigation bar, click "Support".

Here are some issues which are good issues to get involved in, if you have
taken responsibility for one leave a comment in the issue:

   - webvr-polyfill-dpdb#34 Create a helper script/web page for generating
   values for a new device
   - webxr-input-profiles#69 Resizing the window changes the model viewer's
   aspect ratio
   - webxr#953 Typescript definitions
   <> [Pre-REC]
   - webxr#1115 Explicitly spec when inline animation frame loops are
   suspended <> [Pre-REC]
   - proposals#82 Some sort of local shared space

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