Tag your issues for TPAC

Hi Everyone,

TPAC is around the corner and we are putting together the schedule.

On Tuesday 12th October we will use the meeting to gather ideas. It would
be good to cover both issues to move existing specs along and also look at
what new things should be started over the next year.

Until then to get a head-start it would be really great to already tag
issues you would like to cover, if there are any issues on GitHub you would
like to discuss at TPAC then you can request this by adding a comment of
the form:

*/tpac your comment*

Feel free to create new issues in the correct repos if there isn't one
already and if you have a general purpose issue make an issue in
immersive-web/administrivia <https://github.com/immersive-web/administrivia>

Example: Test please ignore! · Issue #1231 · immersive-web/webxr · GitHub

You can view the currently tagged issues here:

Thank you so much,


Received on Thursday, 7 October 2021 12:59:21 UTC