Immersive Web Working Group Teleconference - 2020-05-12

We're getting really close it the Pre-CR milestone for WebXR, please take a
look at some of the issues in the footer of this email to see if there are
any you can handle.
Call Agenda

This agenda can be viewed and updated on Github

If you would like to add an item to the agenda or volunteer to scribe
please open a pull request against this agenda.

   - webxr#674 Should requestReferenceSpace() wait until getViewerPose()
   won't be null? <> requested
   by toji

to try and clear out some of the older pre-CR issues.

   - webxr#743 Allow sensitive UI to make use of the visible-blurred state
   <> requested by

So a lot has changed since this issue was filed. We do have a more concrete
concept of trusted UI.

*Currently*, the spec says:

The ability to read input information (head pose, input pose, etc) poses a
risk to the integrity of trusted UI as the page may use this information to
snoop on the choices made by the user while interacting with the trusted
UI. To prevent this risk the user agent MUST set the visibility state of
all XRSessions to "hidden" when the user is interacting with trusted UI
(immersive or non-immersive) such as URL bars or system dialogs.

This would essentially involve allowing visible-blurred in this paragraph,
which allows for head pose (and no input) to be read.

Are we okay with applications knowing head poses (and head poses only)
while displaying trusted UI?

cc @avadacatavra

   - webxr#980 Add XRInputSourceEvent::{screenX, screenY}
   <> requested by

to run by the group again before merging

Immersive Web Working Group Teleconference - 2020-05-12
San Francisco (U.S.A. - California) Tuesday, May 12, 12:00 PM PDT
Boston (U.S.A. - Massachusetts) Tuesday, May 12, 3:00 PM EDT
London (United Kingdom - England) Tuesday, May 12, 8:00 PM GMT+1
Paris (France) Tuesday, May 12, 9:00 PM GMT+2
Tokyo (Japan) Wednesday, May 13, 4:00 AM GMT+9
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Tuesday, May 12, 7:00 PM UTC Logistics

Chair: Ada Rose Cannon


IRC: #immersive-web Instructions

Call Details can be found on the Internal Mailing List

If you are unable to login to view the call details please ask on the IRC
before the call.

For assistance go to and on the left
navigation bar, click "Support".
Help Wanted

Here are some issues which are good issues to get involved in, if you have
taken responsibility for one leave a comment in the issue:

   - webxr#225 Behavior of window.requestAnimationFrame and
   window.requestIdleCallback when presenting
   <> [Pre-CR]
   - webvr-polyfill-dpdb#34 Create a helper script/web page for generating
   values for a new device
   - webxr#363 Clarification of mouse behavior when in an exclusive view
   <> [Pre-CR]
   - webxr#603 What happens if a canvas with an xrCompatible context is
   attached to the DOM? <>
   [Pre-CR] <>
   - webxr#736 Should calling XRSession.requestAnimationFrame in a
   Window.animationFrameCallback be banned?
   <> [Pre-REC]
   - webxr-input-profiles#69 Resizing the window changes the model viewer's
   aspect ratio
   - webxr-gamepads-module#16 Add link to the registry
   - webxr#854 Result of calling checkFramebufferStatus on an opaque
   framebuffer <> [Pre-CR]
   - webxr#880 Corrections and clarifications for description/steps for
   updateRenderState() <>
   - webxr#913 Context loss handling in makeXRCompatible does not make sense
   <> [Pre-CR]
   - webxr#933 Clarify that offset spaces inherit reset events and bounds
   changes <> [Pre-CR]
   - webxr#1014 Document possible side effects of making a context
   xrCompatible <>

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