Stepping down as CG chair

Hello, immersive web folks!

The time has come to hand over the Immersive Web Community Group chair role to the very capable hands of new CG co-chairs: Ayşegül Yönet, Ada Rose Cannon, and Chris Wilson.

I started as chair back when I had the support of a large member org (thank you, Mozilla!) and so I had the resources and time that the role deserves. Increasingly, my attention has been pulled toward other responsibilities like running client projects at Transmutable <> and developing a new product, Transmutable Soundstage <>. This is an exciting and important time for the wider web so the CG chair role deserves more attention than I can give it. I'm very happy that Ayşegül, Ada, and Chris are going to be more attentive stewards for the group.

I'm not disappearing! I continue to be a member of the Immersive Web community group and an independent invited expert in the WebXR working group. Maybe without the chair role I'll even be able to write spec text and work through new ideas?! That would be amazing for me.

I'm still and @TrevorFSmith <> so please do reach out. Transmutable (in its current state) is fully booked with client and product work through the Summer but this is a time of rapid global change so who can say what the next year will bring?

Now more than ever, stay open my friends.

- Trevor

🌸 Trevor Flowers 
🌸 Principal at Transmutable <>
🌸 Working for the Wider Web <>

Received on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 17:53:30 UTC