RE: Timescale for Timed Text work on 360 degree video captioning

Hi Chris,

thank you for asking. You are correct in noting that TTWG agreed to take on the 360/VR requirement described in for our work in 2019, with the intention of getting to a published document, hopefully a Rec, by the end of the calendar year, probably being a module of TTML3.

TTML has so far been monolithic but the TTWG has recognised that this makes the process of updating it a bigger task than is ideal and so has decided to create a framework that will allow us to publish smaller more targeted "bolt-on" specifications or "modules" that can go through the W3C process more rapidly.

Requirements work is very welcome as soon as it is available; it's hard currently to predict but my guess is that we would need to have received it at the latest by the end of April. Of course anyone interested in participating in the work, or in implementation work is most welcome to join.

I should add that it is also the plan for the TTWG to recharter in the next few months (targeting end of May) to ensure that the scope and deliverables agreed at are correctly reflected in the Charter. We would then hope to have first working drafts available in June or early July.

There's a lot on the slate for us this year so these timescales are ambitious; the general view of the group is that we should target Rec publication by the end of the year and if that means descoping work that would cause us to fall behind that schedule, and/or deferring it until later, then that is the approach we will take.

It is probably obvious that all input will be very much appreciated and help achieve that goal; conversely, absence of participation will reduce the pace of progress.

kind regards,

Nigel (Chair, TTWG)

From: Chris Needham
Sent: 20 February 2019 12:08
To: Nigel Megitt
Subject: Timescale for Timed Text work on 360 degree video captioning

Hi Nigel,

During the recent Media & Entertainment IG call on captioning in 360 degree video and VR environments [1] you mentioned that the Timed Text Working Group plans to start work on adding positional information to TTML and IMSC.

Do you have a timescale for this work? When is requirements input needed from communities such as Media & Entertainment, Immersive Web, and Accessibility?

Many thanks,

Chris (Co-chair, W3C Media & Entertainment Interest Group)


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