There Will Be An Immersive Web CG Call on Tuesday Feb 12th.

Hello, immersive web folks!

There are several items that merit real-time attention so* there will be a
CG call* on Tuesday at 10am Pacific Time.

Note: The WebEx video conferencing information has changed since the last
CG call. I will update the calendar invite with the new information. If
you're not on that invite please email me and I'll add you.

Please review the Issues listed below before the call so that we can make

- Subtitles in spatial media: Issues 39
<> and 40
<>  (Ada)
- Computer Vision for AR: Issue 4
<> (Nell)
- 3D Rendering in WebExtension XR (aka WEXR): Issue 43
<> (Trevor)
- New volunteer for lighting estimation explainer (Trevor)

If you have additional topics that aren't moving forward using Issues and
PRs then let me know.

- Trevor


*Trevor Flowers* 🌸🌸
Principal at Transmutable <>
Friend of the Wider Web <>

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