Immersive Web Community Group Call April 23rd

Hello, immersive web people!

There will be a community group call tomorrow, April 23rd at 10am Pacific

Please log into the #immersive-web channel and use the speaker
queue <>.
WebEx call details can be found on the internal mailing list

The main agenda item is to discuss each feature incubation repo and decide
on the next step (if any) for that topic.

Here are the current feature incubation repos and the people who
volunteered to act as a feature champion:

anchors: Nell Waliczek and Brandon Jones
computer-vision: Blair MacIntyre
geo-alignment: Blair MacIntyre
hit-test: Nell Waliczek and Brandon Jones
layers: Artem Bolger
lighting-estimation: Kip Gilbert
navigation: Diego Marcos
real-world-geometry: John Pallett and Piotr Bialecki
spatial-favicon: Rik Cabanier and Ravi Ramachandra

I you're on the list it would be great if you could attend. If you can't
attend then please let me know.

Stay open,

- Trevor


*Trevor Flowers* 🌸🌸
Principal at Transmutable <>
Friend of the Wider Web <>

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