Fwd: Schedule Email Draft

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are looking forward to TPAC, we have drafted a schedule
for the Thursday and Friday which we are meeting on.

There is also a developer event <https://www.w3.org/2018/10/Meetup/> on
Monday evening you can sign up for which looks really good.

If you would like to make any changes to the schedule you are welcome to
email me or Chris directly or make a Pull Request on Github.

Topic leaders should send out details about what needs to be discussed in
their topic before TPAC starts.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lyon!


Thursday Friday


09:00 Working Group logistics [Chris+Ada] CG overview: review of current
incubations [Trevor]
09:30 Overview of recent changes [Brandon] 3dfavicons [Rik+Chris]
10:00 Coordinate systems fallout topics (includes #243) [Nell] Web Audio
x-sync [Chris]
10:30 Break break
11:00  Multiview/WebGL2 (issue #317) 30m: [Nell] DOM overlays (#400) [Nell]
11:30 (cont)
12:00 lunch lunch
12:30 lunch lunch
13:00 Lightning talks round 1 Lightning talks round 2
13:30 Walk through issues marked for short updates (60m)
through issues marked for short updates (60m)
14:00 (cont) (cont)
14:30 Anchors and Hit Testing (also includes #403 and #384) [Nell] Declarative
models [Chris+Rik]
15:00 (cont) (cont)
15:30 break break
16:00 Input #392 and #336 [Brandon] Wrap Up [Ada+Chris]
16:30 (cont) Wrap Up
17:00 unconference <END AT 5PM>
17:30 unconference
18:00 unconference
18:30 unconference

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