Making UMI3D a standard

We are currently looking for trusted partners to make a standard from one of our research projects: UMI3D.

UM3D is a device abstraction layer for the design of collaborative 3D media in AR and VR. When features based standards like WebXR are done to provide a similar experience on each device, UMI3D proposes a complementary approach that enables to take advantage of the devices specificities by providing an interaction-based abstraction layer and by making collaboration a default feature. We believe this approach more adapted to support cooperative work, especially in industrial setups.

At this step, we have validated our work through two scientific publications in the top conferences VRST and CSCW (see the links at the end), and through very positive feedbacks with received from industrials during demonstration in ourFablab. We are strongly convinced that an industrialization of UMI3D should be done as a standard to be widely adopted. That is why we are now looking to build a consortium with AR and VR top players, as well as industrials, to complete and standardize UMI3D.

To understand in more details what UMI3D is, and of course what it is good for, you can consult the following documents:

- Our blog post about “Creating Collaborative 3D Media” using UMI3D (4 min read)
- The scientific publications on UMI3D available at<>

I stay at your disposition If you are interested in participating to this standard or if you just need more information about the UMI3D project.

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