IWCG Coordination Thread for November 5th (No Nov 6th call)

Hello, immersive web people!

There will be no CG call this Tuesday, November 6th.

As usual a summary of repo activity is below.

Use this thread to call on others to weigh in on topics that you believe
need attention. If a topic is stalled then let me know and we'll figure out
how to move it forward by adding it to a future CG call agenda or directly
calling on people  who need to weigh in.

- Trevor

There are two new feature repos!
- Lighting estimation
- Spatial favicon <>

Ada Rose Cannon is leading the creation of an initial explainer for
lighting estimation and Rik Cabanier is doing the same for spatial
favicons. Please file Issues in those repos for related topics that need to
be addressed.


1 issues created:

   - #35 Add support for static 3D favicons
   <> (by rcabanier)

2 issues received 5 new comments:

   - #18 Add support for static 3D favicons
   <> (4 by thetuvix,
   rcabanier, thmignon)
   - #35 Add support for static 3D favicons
   <> (1 by

1 issues closed:

   - #35 Add support for static 3D favicons


*Trevor Flowers* 🌸🌸
Principal at Transmutable <>
Friend of the Wider Web <>

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