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Immersive Web FTF at TPAC

From: Chris Wilson <cwilso@google.com>
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2018 10:31:58 -0700
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TL;DR: File proposals for topics at TPAC!

Hi all!  For our inaugural Immersive Web Working Group
<https://www.w3.org/immersive-web/> meeting at TPAC
<https://www.w3.org/2018/10/TPAC/Overview.html>in Lyon, we have several
categories of discussion items we plan to get through, and we’d like to get
your input on the agenda as well.  We are building the schedule
out publicly in Github; it's currently empty but will get developed as we
near TPAC.  Please note that for this meeting in particular, we aren’t
going to be sticklers on members having joined the WG; in the future, we
expect to run combined WG and CG meetings, but we’re still working out the
details of that plan.

For TPAC, we’re meeting on Thursday and Friday, October 25-26th, and we
will discuss:


   Firstly, the chairs will kick off with a brief session on some Working
   Group logistics, the details of which will be sent out in email ahead of
   time.  We’d like to provide an opportunity for members to discuss how we
   expect to interact across the CG and WG, and we’d like to demonstrate
   in-room the tools we’re going to try out in this meeting for meeting
   management and minuting.

   Secondly, we expect to spend at least half of our total time holding
   outcome-oriented discussion on specific issues in the WebXR Device API that
   the WG chairs and editors will prioritize and select.  Each topic to be
   discussed will have a summary posted with the schedule at least a week
   ahead of TPAC, as well as an assigned moderator/topic owner, and what
   outcome is desired from the discussion.

   We’re open to discussion on specific proposals in the Community Group,
   and we’d like to ask you all to use the Call For Proposals
   to file requests here.  (Note that you can also see what people have filed
   Again, proposals to be discussed must have a topic leader assigned ahead of
   time, with a summary sent out one week before to prepare. Please use this
   form to propose topics, and we’ll ask you to summarize and provide
   preparatory material a week or so before TPAC.

   Finally, we will have lightning talks.  If you have a particular idea,
   demo, or other topic you want to get in front of the WG/CG, we will have a
   series of 5-minute slots.  We will also reserve some time during our
   meetings for topics that may come up in hallway conversation.
   Summaries/slides should be sent out afterward, but are not necessary to
   send out beforehand.   Please use the attached form to propose topics ahead
   of time if you know of them.

I also wanted to mention that many of us will be around earlier in the
week, so it’s an opportunity to set up time to network and discuss other
issues.  We’re also looking to set up a group dinner on Thursday evening,
so keep your calendar open.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

-Chris and Ada
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