Updates to guidelines on github use and document editing

dear i18n document editors and contributors,

today i split the old guidelines page into two (note the slightly 
different URL):

Github guidelines for working with i18n documents

Editorial guidelines for working with i18n documents

I also added a section to the former describing how to set up and use 
Echidna for publishing Working Drafts.  Echidna should allow us to keep 
the gap between the ED and the /TR draft as small as possible.

See http://w3c.github.io/i18n-activity/guidelines/github#echidna

I also added some additional guidelines to the latter, and i suggest 
that if you are an editor you read through it again. (Unfortunately, the 
changes aren't clear in the github diff.)


Received on Tuesday, 11 October 2016 17:17:29 UTC