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On 15/07/2015 16:43, Somnath Chandra wrote:
 > Pl indicate date for ilreq

hi Somnath,

i managed to find some time to work on the ilreq doc today, and you will 
have seen that i have sent a publication request for next tuesday to get 
the latest version into TR.

to get to that point, in addition to adding and checking the new 
material, and fixing issues during the prep for publication, i did a 
considerable amount of work on the markup of the document in order to 
apply the latest templates and approaches that we are using for 
github+TR docs.

you can see the list of commits with diffs at

you will see that we are encouraging people to submit comments via 
github issues, and that we are asking them to review the latest dated TR 
version, rather than the github doc.

our current policy in the i18n WG is to publish to TR whenever we have 
made substantive changes to the github document, so that the TR version 
is never out of date (or as little out of date as possible).

now that i have updated the template of the doc on github, there is no 
reason to depend on me for updates to the github document.  You should 
be able to push changes to the doc yourselves.  If you send me your 
github ids, i will add you to the editor's group, so that you can do 
that.  I will still need to be involved when we want to publish to TR, 
but hopefully that will be minimal work if the github document is kept 
in good shape, markup-wise.  (We can still only publish on Tues and 
Thurs, and two days advanced notice is needed.)

i hope this helps to move the doc forward faster in future.


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