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Minutes for 15 June

From: Mark Nottingham <mnot@mnot.net>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 17:02:35 +1000
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IETF/W3C call
15 Jun 2009


         Plh, mnot, Thomas, TimBL, Yves, Alexey, JohnK





Action Items

  Marks action done, all the other ones pending


  mark: we have a few issues from the HTML5 folks
  on Content-Sniffing, we are close to a solution that fit their need
  without violating HTTP.

  The other request is about Origin, the httpbis WG think that no new
  header is needed.

   Proposed solution is to use Referer, sending about:blank when a  
referer isn't available.

  <scribe> ACTION: Plh to ping DanC re Hypertext References work as ID

  discussions on both issues are promising

URI/IRI work


  The wiki page captures issues people have using IRIs in protocols

  John: discussion in Stockholm are possible not nothing official  

  Difficult to have everything stabilized (like IDNAbis and LTRU)  
before having an in-depth discussion on this subject


  IDNAbis is trying to reduce the number of valid representation of  
URIs, will see how it impacts the IRI representations

  Plan is to have the work done by the Stockholm meeting, but it may  

  Alexey: Mark can you organize a meeting during IETF75?

  Mark: will do so (but on the logistics side only)

Web Security Workshop


  mark: not feeling a huge forward motion

Media Type request

  plh: trying to register media types for XQuery and XSLT.

  Alexey: in my TODO list

Next meeting

  mark: will have informal meetings in Stockholm

  tentative would be late august

  (some discussion about frequency... agreeing on august)

  Philippe will shoot for August for next IETF/W3C call. Fallback is
  beginning of October.


Summary of Action Items

  [NEW] ACTION: Plh to ping DanC re Hypertext References work as ID

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