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RE: IETF RAI and APP concerns about location privacy

From: Larry Masinter <LMM@acm.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 17:36:51 -0700
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(speaking for myself):

Site-level privacy policies ( as proposed in the W3C
GeoLocation group) leave users with the choice of
not trusting a site for anything (and thus not being
able to take advantage of needed services) or trusting
a site for everything.

Perhaps this is in the interest of dominant search-engine
providers and their mobile handset partners, because
most users will give up privacy and their demographic
information in exchange for valuable services. The
IETF GeoPriv policies are probably harder to implement,
too. Standards venue shopping, perhaps?

But there can't be one answer for the IETF and
another answer for W3C. I think the liaison work
should have been done much earlier.

I made several personal appeals for the GeoLocation group
to start with GeoPriv working group specifications, which
were ignored. 

So the fact that the GeoLocation group members have
"not thus far been persuaded" should hold no weight: 
of course they're not persuaded, they'd already made
up their minds when the group was chartered.


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Subject: Re: IETF RAI and APP concerns about location privacy 

Dear Mr Peterson, Mr Jennings, Mrs Dusseault and Mr Newman,

On behalf of the W3C Geolocation Working Group:

With regard to your liaison statement of 21 Nov 2008; we acknowledge
the design request of the GEOPRIV Working Group and have been
discussing it within the Geolocation Working Group.

The Geolocation WG withheld publishing the First Public Working
Draft of the API document until hearing from GEOPRIV WG members.

The Geolocation WG has not thus far been persuaded to adopt the
solutions brought forth by the GEOPRIV members.  This is
being tracked at:

We have requested further feedback from the review community in
the form of a note in a section of our draft entitled "Privacy
considerations for recipients of location information", which is
available at:


In addition we are currently tracking feedback on that section at:


-Matt Womer
Geolocation WG Team Contact
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